Envisaging L'Aquila
edited by Alessandro Coppola


Freestyle Festival 30 Luglio – 1 Agosto 2010 – Schio (VI) SECONDO INCONTRO VOLONTARI KRAP INVADERS

“KRaP INVADERS Freestyle Festival”: Tre giorni di skateboard, parkour, freerunning, e arte contemporanea dove più di 100 atleti e artisti provenienti da tutta Italia e dall’estero invaderanno il territorio di Schio (VICENZA) e non solo, con stile, passione . . . → Read More: KRaP INVADERS

Surveillance, Performance and New Media Art

Surveillance and Society new issue: Vol 7, No 2 (2010)

The relationship between the visual arts and surveillance has been explored through large scale exhibitions (CTRL:Space, ZKM), and texts such as Loving Big Brother (McGrath, 2004) have introduced questions of performance and performativity into the surveillance debate. However, as the technological possibilities available to . . . → Read More: Surveillance, Performance and New Media Art


WHAT COLOR HAS THE SKY GOT NOW? is an installation/action by Marta Traquino with the collaboration of visitors/participants. It was first performed on January 16th 2010, at the Atelier 50 of the municipal atelier buildings at the Coruchéus Palace, in Lisbon, with the collaboration of the group Nó- Colectivo de Colectivos.

It will be . . . → Read More: Marta Traquino – WHAT COLOR HAS THE SKY GOT NOW?

Lost Astronaut in NYC

Performa, the performance biennale in New York City, can provide plenty of insights for those interested in studying public space. In particular, the performance by Alicia Framis (Barcelona, 1967), called “Lost Astronaut”, looks very much like a Goffmanian exercise in social interaction and behaviour in public places! If the uniform is an interaction device, . . . → Read More: Lost Astronaut in NYC