Envisaging L'Aquila
edited by Alessandro Coppola

Life and Lives in Spitalfields, London

In the folder of personal blogs dedicated to describe the many facets of everyday life, Spitalfields Life occupies, to my mind, a distinct position. It is indeed one of the most interesting territorial blogs around. Born out of an act of love for the Spitalfields neighbourhood, in the East End of London, and its . . . → Read More: Life and Lives in Spitalfields, London

Disciplinary Bridges

Storefront for Art and Architecture presents a discussion forum about disciplinary specificity and cross-fertilization of thoughts and practices, in this case specifically taking the current exhibition in display, Do Ho Suh’s The Bridge Project, as a point of reference. The work, a contingent object of research, has come into being through a complex set of . . . → Read More: Disciplinary Bridges