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Publish With Us

professionaldreamers welcomes book proposals on topics of space and society. Outlines and full manuscripts will be evaluated and double-blind peer-reviewed. We work and publish in English, French, German and Italian.

We are particularly interested in promoting research by young/early stage researchers (doctoral and post-doctoral) on and around issues concerning space & society. We are specifically committed to increase the visibility of such work, spreading it through presentations, conferences, seminars, events and reviews in academic journals. Here follows a list of topics we are particularly – but not exclusively – interested in:

– Uses of spaces from a social theoretical and geographic point of view

– Urban studies, particularly in connection with visual methodologies

– City, organisation, governance

– New media city

– Situated narratives and practices

– Public space

– Europe and civil society

– Planning, participation, conflict

– Landscape

– Soundscapes

– The Alps

Please contact us at: info@professionaldreamers.net