Teoria del Writing
di Alessandro Ferri a.k.a. Dado

the dreamers

Francesco Bocchetti holds a PhD in Sciences and Methods for the European City and Territory. He has a background in economics and geography and has been conducting research on the Alpine region. His research topics include: accessibility, tourism, transport, real estate, geographic information systems.

Andrea Mubi Brighenti is a sociologist and researches on urban studies and social theory, with specific focus on the categories of visibility and territory. His latest monograph is The ambiguous multiplicities (Palgrave, 2014). Personal Blog: http://www.capacitedaffect.net/

Claudio Coletta holds a PhD in Sociology and Social Research (University of Trento) and a M.A. in Sciences of Communication. During last years he carried out research projects on urban and regional issues, having a M.A. in Urban Management and City Design. He’s currently cultivating a popular approach to innovation oriented to technology, organization and territory.

Andreas Fernandez has a degree in Sociology and Social Research (University of Trento). At the moment he is working on a youth policies project of the Municipal District of Trento. His area of interest focus on the relation between cultures of consumption and new forms of digital information and communication technologies.

Francesco Gabbi has a PhD in Urban Planning and Public Policies. Currently he is a Post Doc Research Fellow at IUAV – Venice. Research areas: urban policies and urban transformations.

Cristina Mattiucci is an architect, PhD in Environmental engineering (Doctor Europaeus, specialization in Environmental Planning, Landscape Architecture and Sustainable Building) with a thesis on the landscapes’ perception. She is currently a Marie Curie research fellow at the University of Trento (Italy) and at the AMP‐LAVUE of the ENSA Paris –la Villette (France). Her researches concern with landscape in its multiple meanings, with a predilection for its feature of inhabited territory and public space. Her research’s activities are taking turns with project and planning works – both abroad and in Italy – and teaching experiences (University of Naples “Federico II” (2011) and tutoring at University IUAV of Venice since 2006).

Giovanna Sonda has a Ph.D in Sociology and Social Research. She is interested in urban issues from the perspective of urban and organization studies carrying a process point of view. She is also interested in the invisible work of classifications and maintenance practices as  forms of organization and reproduction of social order.

Francesco Minora has a PhD and a degree in Urban, Territorial and Environmental Planning at the Politecnico di Milano, where he worked for five years at the Laboratory on Social Policies. He deepened the study of the Commons and Collective properties. His main research interests are related to urban and rural policies, with particular emphasis on participation in planning processes, local welfare and placeshaping.