Envisaging L'Aquila
edited by Alessandro Coppola

The coming Cloud

The Cloud is one among the most interesting project for a ‘monument 2.0’. As described by its creators,

The Cloud proposes a new form of monument – a new form of collective expression and experience, and an updated symbol of our dawning age. It proposes an entirely new form of observation deck, high above the Olympics – from which one can not only see the whole of London, but the whole of the world, immersed in the euphoric gusts of weather but also immersed within that new, pressing and endlessly compelling environment in which we increasingly congregate – the digital sublime.

In a sense, The Cloud is a monument that is made possible by the network society. As such, it raises a number of intriguing questions that concern the new ways in which space is imagined and shaped in the contemporary society. Among the several aspects that could be researched upon and discussed, we would just like to highlight the following ones:

– The Cloud is material and immaterial at the same time;

– It is lifting and mirrors a ‘lifting humanity’;

– It is made of a multiplicity of bubbles or ‘cells’ that communicate with each other (From this perspective, it reminds Sloterdijk’s notion of Foam City: http://www.anycorp.com/pdf/log/09/log9_petersloterdijk.pdf);

– It seeks to represent a new ‘sublime’.

For a full documentation of the project, have a look at:  http://www.raisethecloud.org

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