Envisaging L'Aquila
edited by Alessandro Coppola

Spaces of Design

The two recent documentaries by Gary Hustwit, Helvetica and Objectified, provide us with an extremely rich exploration of the worlds of contemporary design. Through interviews and encounters with some of the most important graphic and industrial designers who are around today, Mr Hustwit tells the story of an ubiquous yet often invisible presence in our world. As such, his documentaries are quite useful not simply to study designers as a professional group but also to inquiry into urban culture, consumer culture, and the ways in which urban spaces are shaped and navigated through.

‘I’m interested in industrial designers – writes Mr Hustwit on Objectified‘s website – because their work influences so many aspects of our world yet most of the time it’s taken for granted. And I think that, especially today, it’s crucial for us to re-examine how we make and use consumer products at every level.’



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