Envisaging L'Aquila
edited by Alessandro Coppola

Guest Artist – Marta Traquino

01_Inside of the Air_Marta Traquino

Inside of the Air (Space 3 and Space 4), 2004.

Lambda print on alucolic 1/3 (each), 100 x 100 cm/100 x 115 cm. From a set of five lambda prints on alucolic which is fragment of the installation Inside of the Air, Museu Nacional de História Natural, Lisbon, 2004.

02_Between_Marta Traquino

Between, installation view at 3rceiro Andar no Chiado, Lisbon, 2005. Materials: wood table, embroidered linen towal, four light bulbs.

Photos: DMF.

03_Border Crossing-Part II_Marta Traquino

Border Crossing – Part II, installation view at the Museu Nacional de História Natural, Lisbon, 2007. Materials: cotton thread, galvanized iron plate, water, cardboard.

Photo: Paulo T. Silva.

Marta Traquino (1972) has a degree in Fine Arts – Painting from the Fine Art Faculty of the University of Lisbon, after which she pursued a Masters degree in Communication, Culture and Information Technologies at the Sociology Department of ISCTE (Lisbon). At present, she is a PhD candidate holding a research grant by the Portuguese Foundation for Science and Technology (FCT) with a PhD thesis proposal in Public Art by the Fine Art Faculty of the University of Lisbon. Research interests: Contemporary art, Space, Place, public space, relational artistic practices, intermedia.

As an artist, Marta Traquino carries out site-specific installations that catalyze the viewer’s perception facing the architectonic context where it stands. She creates ‘ephemeral architectures’ that set out our relation with ‘permanent architectures’. Presented indoor and at times somewhat in intimate spaces, these installations propose an individual experience and a personal consciousness of a specific situation in a ‘micro-context’ that can be transfered and rescaled to a ‘macro context’.

As a researcher, Marta Traquino works about the construction of Place by contemporary art in the urban context, focusing the actual dimensions of Experience, Memory and Identity as research lines in the process of such artistic practices.

About the works:

Inside of the Air takes salt as a metaphor for the construction of a space that is given to be experimented by the articulation between two paths: one real and the other virtual. This space reminds the experience of a landscape that questions, simultaneously, the place that we ocupy in it and the place that it ocupies in us, through the relation between individual experience and collective memory.

Between activates the interaction of perceptive space, conceived and lived, taking to the reflection about reciprocal influence between human residence and geometric shape. It proposes the observer’s dialectic with a determined quality of the space which, for it’s own formal and chromatic characteristics, reflects and interrogates the identity of this. In focus is the double sense of the concept ‘intermediate space’ as a space between spaces (physical, concrete), and as a space of time in the following process of the different intervention’s moments which are related to the construction and the transformation made by different inhabitants in the same single space.

Boarder Crossing has got processes that are originated from the Architecture and which reveals or creates borders inside of cities. The in focus boarder idea is inconstant. It is perceptible through people performance who are involved in the construction, fruition or separation from determined architectures. Boarders couldn’t be physically obvious but they could establish and determine specific (im)possibilities of movements and points of view, or even of being, in a progressive mode.

For more information: marta.traquino@netcabo.pt

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