Envisaging L'Aquila
edited by Alessandro Coppola

Sulla riva del fiume / On the Riverbank


Sulla riva del fiume: dialoghi tra la città e l’acqua / On the Riverbank: Dialogues between Water and the City is an event organised by a group of photographers who deal with urban issues. The group is called Club Fotoamatori Mattarello. It is based in Trento, I, and was founded back in 1965.

The event includes a forum, a series of conferences and readings, and a photographic exhibition. The aim is to tackle the river as a ‘fundamental element in the physical structures of the city’, as the organisers write in their curatorial note. Former editions were devoted respectively to Dismantled Factories (2006), Squares, Beautiful Squares (2007), and Stories from the Peripheries (2008).

At the forum, Cristina Mattiucci and I will give a talk titled ‘Greensage, Greyash, Sand. A River Drift’. Our title pays homage to a famous passage in Joyce’s Ulysses (while adapting the palette to a fluvial environment!).

The full list of speakers include Renato Bocchi, Davide Papotti, Gianluigi Bozza, Enrico Merlin, Diana Balmori and Loriano Macchiavelli, and the forum will be chaired by Giovanni Marzari.


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