Envisaging L'Aquila
edited by Alessandro Coppola

Art in Odd Places

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Art in Odd Places is a site-specific art festival created in 2005. The festival takes place in New York City on the 14th Street. Mission of the festival is to explore ‘the odd, ordinary and ingenious in the spectacle of daily life’. Guest curators of the 2009 edition are Erin Donnelly and Radhika Subramaniam.


A particularly interesting feat is the soundscape project ‘LISTENING TO 14th STREET’ created by THE NEW YORK SOCIETY FOR ACOUSTIC ECOLOGY. To give you an idea of what this is all about, you can check this other project by them, called Soundseeker.


Very much in the line of the classic World Soundscapes Project, but taking advantage of Googlemaps and digital recorders. We also talked about soundscapes in a past issue of lo Squaderno (no. 10). Check it out: http://www.professionaldreamers.net/?p=233

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