Envisaging L'Aquila
edited by Alessandro Coppola

riverscaping symposium

Riverscaping: a multidisciplinary symposium on the river in the arts, humanities, and sciences @Amherst

Topic: Riverscapes is a term that has recently emerged to describe the most immediate
landscapes that follow and flank rivers. Historically, this term was used to describe the
physical earth around the river as a place impacted by and connected to the water–it
refers to both actual places and represented landscapes. Our project extends this
definition: the impact of the river on art, culture, space, the environment and the
imagination is far more complex and oscillating. We see the riverscape as a term that
binds together multiple histories, sciences, arts, practices and communities Is there
coalescence between the soft boundaries of a flowing, rising and sinking, inhabited
water body, its adjacent natural topologies, our human-made material conditions and
shifting modes of inquiry?

programma: http://www.riverscaping.org/

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