Envisaging L'Aquila
edited by Alessandro Coppola

Regards on the Crisis in Europe \ pt. I

(picture credit: detail from a wall by ericailcane)


We are launching an edited book project on the crisis in Europe. We move from the assumption that the current crisis is not simply an economic one, but part of larger moment of epoch-making social, historical and civilizational transformation. We begin from Europe not because we think it’s special (“nur im Okzident”) but because it’s where we live and it’s the place we know better. We are open to contributions and reports form all Eu countries, as well as to further suggestions concerning the project. Our aim is to go beyond generalized and stereotyped narratives, prepackaged solutions to the evils of the world, as well as technical jargon, in order to collect reflections that might stir fruitful public (and common!) discussion in comparative perspective.

We think this is a crucial topic for debate right now.

We will be publishing the reports gradually, as we receive them, and finally publish the whole series as a collected book, both online and on paper. Please address your queries and proposals to : andrea.mubi@gmail.com


We begin the series by publishing Stavros Stavrides’ impressive report about Greece:

Stavros Stavrides, Communities of crisis, squares in movement

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