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edited by Alessandro Coppola

Lifestyle Mobilities and Corporealities

Call for abstracts for inclusion in a book proposal being put forward as part of a series of books being published through the GLTRG (the Geography of Leisure and Tourism Research Group) of the RGS-IBG by Ashgate Publishers. Book Title: Lifestyle Mobilities and Corporealities. Editors: Tara Duncan (University of Otago, New Zealand); Scott Cohen (Bournemouth University, UK); Maria Thulemark (Dalarna University, Sweden).

Being mobile is now influenced by and through transnational ties, changing socio-cultural outlooks and technologies of transport, knowledge and information that often characterise the (re)formation of the everyday. As such, moving as and for lifestyle has become increasingly complex.  Benson and O’Reilly* (2009) suggest that the complexity of these movements, whether for leisure, retirement or amenity seeking reasons, have not been captured through these bounded terms. The blurring of the (im)mobilities surrounding these types of experiences should encompass those on the move, experiences of dwelling and mooring and those who remain in stasis. Corporeal and affective mobilities need to be highlighted through the negotiation of socio-cultural, political and economic lenses.  Emergent patterns of lifestyle mobility challenge current thinking on the intersections between tourism and migration through subsuming binaries such as work/leisure, home/away and here/there.

This book will seek to explore and challenge current thinking about how the mobilities paradigm intersects with the ambiguities inherent in the corporeal performance of movement as lifestyle. We invite extended abstracts (400-500 words) that challenge existing thinking in these areas, including:

– Negotiations of lifestyle and movement
– Mobile methodologies
– Affective possibilities and lifestyle
– Mobility, lifestyle and tourism, recreation and/or leisure
– Hybrid possibilities – migration/transnationalism/mobility
– Cosmopolitanism, fluid identities and identity confusions
– Moorings, movement and performance
– Mobilities as the corporeal everyday
– Lifestyle mobility and relationships to place

The book is intended as part of a series that will being published through the GLTRG (the Geography of Leisure and Tourism Research Group) of the RGS-IBG by Ashgate Publishers.  The aim is that the book will be due out in mid to late 2012 and we would expect full papers (6000 – 6500 words in length) to be due by August 31st 2011.  Please bear this provisional timetable in mind when considering whether to submit an abstract.

Please submit your extended abstract to all three editors – Tara Duncan (tara.duncan@otago.ac.nz), Scott Cohen (scohen@bournemouth.ac.uk) and Maria Thulemark (mth@du.se) by March 4th 2011.  We will aim to inform authors of the outcome before the end of March.  If you have any questions, please contact: Tara Duncan (tara.duncan@otago.ac.nz), Scott Cohen (scohen@bournemouth.ac.uk) or Maria Thulemark (mth@du.se).

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