Envisaging L'Aquila
edited by Alessandro Coppola

Disciplinary Bridges

Storefront for Art and Architecture presents a discussion forum about disciplinary specificity and cross-fertilization of thoughts and practices, in this case specifically taking the current exhibition in display, Do Ho Suh’s The Bridge Project, as a point of reference. The work, a contingent object of research, has come into being through a complex set of relationships among different fields of knowledge.

The forum will consist of three interlocutors who embody different notions of interdisciplinarity or trans-disciplinarity: science fiction writer/scientist Rachel Armstrong, architect/set designer Philip Beesley and critic/curator Sandra Antelo-Suarez.

Do Ho Suh is well known for his post-minimalist sculptural works that tackle questions about notions of home, place, site, and memory. His experience of transcultural displacement motivates his ongoing inquiry into the ways we conceive of and build our concept of home. The Bridge Project, however, does not resemble the more polished works that are shown in museums throughout the world. Rather, the exhibition presents the hypothetical research as an experimental lab within the gallery space and will present the studio’s research and designs. The Bridge Project operates like an open workshop. During the first two weeks of the exhibition the design team will continue to generate solutions for this bridge that spans from Seoul to New York. Documentation of the work made during this period will be included in the exhibition catalogue.

For more informations about the event and Do Ho Suh’s work: http://www.storefrontnews.org/exhibitions_events

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