Envisaging L'Aquila
edited by Alessandro Coppola

People make places – ways of feeling the world

The 10th international SIEF congress

Lisbon, 17th to the 21st April 2011

The ways in which people construct their views, opinions, values and practices are constantly being re-negotiated and re-interpreted in various creative forms. The 10th  SIEF International congress intends to elucidate and develop perspectives on this topic by focusing on the making of places, and invites colleagues and other scholars to present new perspectives on how people’s lives, memories, emotions and values interact with places and localities. The conference will be structured around three themes: Shaping Lives; Creativity and Emotions; and Ecology and Ethics. In each of the themes, case studies as well as inquiries into theory are welcome.  The conference aims to encourage in particular boundary-crossing explorations of ontological, epistemological and ethical issues that arise from a greater emphasis on a sensitive and even sensuous approach to knowledge and understanding.
The question of how people make the places they inhabit remains wide open. We invite proposals that deal with the role of cultural practices in the creation of locality: how a space turns into a particular place; how people relate to, construct, and are constructed by, the places they live in; and what the practices are that shape those places. Other questions to be posed include: What new approaches for the study of the emotional links between people and the places they inhabit are being developed? What theoretical tools can be used by ethnologists to understand a sense of belonging? What is the role of expressive culture linked to daily life in the shaping of the places? How do we combine ecological and ethical issues with ethnographic data, especially in cases where there seems to be a clash between what people do with their places and general ecological and ethic concerns?

The variety of places that could be explored in this process include, among many others: work and home places, places for vacation, places for the dead, places to pray, places to create, places to destroy and to be destroyed, places to memorialize, places to arrive and to leave, as well as places that disappear and reappear, inside places, and non-places. Notions of multi-belonging, shared places, and generational differences all show how making places is a process that is not univocal, and people make places as much as places make people. New ways of making places – through the virtual space and internet – should also be taken into consideration.

Each day of the conference, a specific theme will be introduced by two invited keynote speakers, leading international scholars, and discussed further in a series of panel sessions, some of which will run in parallel. Workshops, intended to open to practice-based research, and poster sessions, will also take place. We invite colleagues to participate and propose panels directed at the general theme and the three daily sub themes.

The Call for papers is now open, closing 15 Octoberm 2010.

Website: http://www.nomadit.co.uk/sief/sief2011/

Submissions: http://www.nomadit.co.uk/sief/sief2011/callforpapers.html

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