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edited by Alessandro Coppola

Cities and Urban Spaces: Chances for Cultural and Citizenship Education

NECE- Networking European Citizenship Education
Cities and Urban Spaces: Chances for Cultural and Citizenship Education
29 September – 1 October 2010, Trieste (Italy)

Location: The Stazione Marittima Congress Centre
Molo Bersaglieri 3, I-34124 Trieste

Developments within cities and in urban spaces provide a variety of starting points for new ways of cultural and citizenship education which are being discovered only slowly. Artistic and cultural ways of action and interventions may inform and activate the public, new participative ways of urban development may mobilise the citizens’ political and creative potential and support the voices of civil society. Which opportunities and tasks for cultural and citizenship education do result from these new forms and ways of action? May they lead to a reconsideration of previous assumptions and interventions in cultural and citizenship education?

This year’s NECE conference in Trieste can be understood as a laboratory, think tank and project market for different disciplines, methodologies (“expert cultures”) and practitioners, bringing together the variety of “urban” discourses and practices in the cities of Europe in order to look for new approaches to co-operation and projects.

Within the framework of this European conference, a market of ideas and projects (Project Market) will be launched. Display boards will be available to show posters or tack other information on your project. This tool also offers space for the presentation of good practice projects by audiovisual methods or installations. Please apply at nece-trieste@lab-concepts.de before 6 September. Space is limited.

There is no participation fee! Since the number of conference participants is limited, we ask you to register before 12 September 2010 at:

The organisers will not cover accommodation and travel costs!
Information on accommodation and directions for Trieste, you may find at the NECE website: www.nece.eu


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