Envisaging L'Aquila
edited by Alessandro Coppola

Techno-Topologies. Spatial Perspectives – Spatial Practices

Final interdisciplinary conference organized by the Graduate School “Topology of Technology”
Darmstadt University of Technology
March 3. – 5., 2011
Deadline: October 15, 2010

Taking stock at the end of the first funding period, the Graduate School “Topologies of Technology”,
based at the TU Darmstadt, will host a final conference to reflect on current projects and develop
future perspectives. Since October 2006 the School has been supporting doctoral and postdoctoral
projects located in a diverse field of disciplines ranging from the humanities and social sciences to
engineering, sports science and informatics. The projects are geared towards examining interrelations
between space and technology from different disciplinary and methodological perspectives.
The research clustered at the School is focussed on investigating how technologically constituted
spaces affect the experience and understanding of both space and technology. It is one of the premises
of the research carried out in Darmstadt to conceptualize technology as a ‘material dispositive’ which
shapes space and place, and many of the projects focus on the social effects and praxeological
dimensions of spatial and spatializing technologies, and in particular of current and emergent
technologies. Researchers working at the School engage in an interdisciplinary dialogue to explore the
possibility of developing the common methods and categories required to formulate precise

The conference aims at intensifying the interdisciplinary cooperation characterizing the School’s work
by initiating contacts and debate between the Darmstadt researchers and colleagues working on
similar topics. To discuss research projects the conference will be organized according to the format of
a series of master classes: along the lines of seven topics researchers from Darmstadt and other
institutions are invited to present their work in sections accompanied and chaired by two senior
researchers. These researchers will form tandems consisting of invited specialists and supervisors based
in Darmstadt, offering critical reflection, support and perspectives for future research.

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