Envisaging L'Aquila
edited by Alessandro Coppola

Hegemony and the Image

20. – 21. May 2011

The conference investigates the way political hegemony emerges via visual culture. It
assumes that in an age of a disruption of handed-down traditions of conceptualising the world,
of “globalisation” and of a wide dissemination of media such as film, TV, video and the
internet such a contingent “chaining” of images, perceptions and actions assume particular
importance. Images hold in place the certainties that guide our lives as gendered beings but
also define relationships between cultures and classes. Nevertheless, in investigating of how
political power emerges in a contingent way between a plurality of social actors, most theories
of hegemony so far have been involved with linguistic approaches. In contrast to this, the
conference Hegemony and the Image concentrates on linking the concept of hegemony
closely to an investigation of the visual imaginary and of image worlds.

Everyone is cordially invited to offer a paper by sending an abstract (max. 1 page) to one of the organisers. Deadline for sending the abstract is October 15 2010. In order just to register for the conference an email to Anna Schober (annamaria.schober@univr.it) suffices.

Call for papers

Info: http://profs.lettere.univr.it/schober/hegemonyimage.html

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