Envisaging L'Aquila
edited by Alessandro Coppola


WHAT COLOR HAS THE SKY GOT NOW? is an installation/action by Marta Traquino with the collaboration of visitors/participants. It was first performed on January 16th 2010, at the Atelier 50 of the municipal atelier buildings at the Coruchéus Palace, in Lisbon, with the collaboration of the group Nó- Colectivo de Colectivos.

It will be performed again on May 22nd 2010 from sunrise to sunset, with the collaboration of SECONDroom/moorDNOCES, Vienna International Apartment and the visitors/participants, SECONDroom/moorDNOCES, Ursulinentraat 5, 1000 Brussels.

We look the sky to answer the question. After all, a routine movement.
But identify the colour of the sky may imply more than just a mere look.
The possibilities of what (and how) we see, will be determined by the place from where we position ourselves in order to look.
In the city, through a window, the perception of the sky’s colour will happen through a creative action. By the sum of what is seen, by whomever might just be passing by.
In the light that lasts from sunrise to sunset, to each one his time to see the sky that fits in the unknown window, and maybe even to review what fits from the sky in the window which is one’s very own (if one has one) in the city.
And if a question takes one to a certain place from where the colour of the sky can be seen, will the journey undertaken up to this point, be already a part of that same way of seeing?

Info: http://secondroom.be/blog/moordnoces/what-colour-has-the-sky-got-now/

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