Envisaging L'Aquila
edited by Alessandro Coppola

Armin’s Alps

Yesterday night I had a chance to attend a screening of Armin Linke’s ongoing project Alps (a project originally launched by Linke and Piero Zanini in 2003), with live electronics by Renato Rinaldi and Giuseppe Ielasi. This is an extremely interesting piece of work, which challenges our cultural and even geographic imagination of the Alpine territory. Picking up various starkly contradictory facets of contemporary Alps and their representation, the artist conjures up an uncanny and at times frightening vision of the always complex relationship between the human being and the natural environment.

Mr Linke’s work is rich and powerfully evocative, it brings together a number of personal and collective events and stages them as they converge onto a territory and as they materialise themselves as social forces. The scenes range from industry to pilgrimage, from tourism to high-security meetings, from sport and wellness to solitude and social conflict; most importantly, the work captures them without any rhetoric, through a sort of slant regard which, lingering on the deep ambiguities of our civilization, turns into a thought-provoking enquiry into the power of contemporary cultural clichés and technical action.

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