Envisaging L'Aquila
edited by Alessandro Coppola

Have you ever seen a (symbolic) table?

In my search for some thought-provoking action about new media and their spatial impacts, I bumped into Mediamatic’s Symbolic Table. As nicely and concisely introduced by its designers,

Symbolic Table is an interface-free media player. A cultural tool for those who want to work with media without any hassle. It is not an appliance, but a simple table. There are no buttons, no knobs. If you put something on the table, then the table will play the video (or the sound) that goes with that object. The object is a symbol for sound or image. If you take the object off, the video will pause. If you put something else on the table, something else will play. That is all.

So, the question is: Have you ever seen a table before?

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