Teoria del Writing
di Alessandro Ferri a.k.a. Dado

Friction Atlas

(Italian text below)

We are happy to present a new guest curator project:

Friction Atlas, a choreographed debate about public space, law and legibility

developed by Paolo Patelli and Giuditta Vendrame of design and research collaborative La Jetée for BIO 50, the 24th Biennial of Design in Ljubljana (18.9—7.12.2014)

As part of The Agency of Walking, we looked at the simple act of walking in the city, and logged into our project some of the rules and constraints that regulate the circulation of citizens within urban space. We explored a variety of cases through research, street markings and performances. We drew 1:1 diagrams onto the pavement of various public spaces to illustrate the rules that control their use, and those in cities such as Genoa, Cairo, Washington, Stockholm, Sydney. We deliberately designed and arranged a situation, through the collective organisation of an environment and a play of events. This resulted in a series of actions, dérives, crossings of the city. We invited the public to perform staged choreographies, and to discuss, aiming to a rereading of urban space, which would highlight some of its hidden or forgotten aspects.

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Brave New Alps – Dheisheh’s Common Green

Alla ricerca del verde perduto in Palestina

di Lorenzo Navone

“Dheisheh’s Common Green” non è la prima esperienza del collettivo Brave New Alps nei Territori palestinesi occupati ma, a differenza dei precedenti interventi in questo contesto (“Decode Jerusalem”, “Hotel Oush Grab”, con Decolonizing Architecture di Petti-Hilal-Weizman, ecc.), è probabilmente quello che in maniera più netta disvela uno sguardo spiccatamente antropologico.

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Terraproject – New Towns

Caption. Lorenzo Francesconi, inhabitant of Cassignano. On the background the falling church of Cassignano.

* * *

TerraProject is a collective of Italian documentary photographers founded in Florence in 2006. Its founding members are Michele Borzoni, Simone Donati, Pietro Paolini and Rocco Rorandelli.

In New Towns, TerraProject have explored four Italian new towns, built in the aftermath of major catastrophes: Conza della Campania, hit by an earthquake in 1980; Gibellina, hit by an earthquake in 1968; Vajont, destroyed by a dam collapse in 1963; and Sarno, partially destroyed by a landslide in 1998.

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Serena Osti – There’s A Crisis!

There’s A Crisis!

On a September day, after having spent some days of complete isolation at the seaside, I came back to my ordinary student life and I was sunddenly acknowledged that the world had changed. It was Autumn 2008 and the financial international crisis had its breakthrough. Since I’m always keen on understanding what’s happening in the world, I chose this event as the topic for my final degree project giving it the title Instructions for the time after now.

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Meira Ahmemulic – The Berlin Trilogy

[We are welcoming Meira Ahmemulic as professionaldreamers’ Guest Artist, with an art project inspired to Berlin. Meira is an artist based in Berlin and Gothenburg. Most of her work uses the city as point of departure. She is a collector of signs, stories, coincidences and occurrences. Walking through the city is for Ahmemulic an act of writing, the city being a language in itself, and her artistic practice can be seen as a constant dialogue with the city as place, space and phenomenon]

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Daniele Pennati – Faccia a Faccia

Faccia a Faccia. Viaggio attraverso i contrasti urbani

Il lavoro d’indagine esposto si propone come un percorso attraverso i differenti luoghi che compongono la città di Milano. Un percorso attraverso i contrasti e le contraddizioni che costruiscono la città stessa. Un viaggio da periferia a periferia, da nord-ovest a sud-est percorrendo un territorio variegato composto dai luoghi della trasformazione, della quotidianità, della residenza, del lavoro, del pendolarismo e del turismo.

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Alessandro Carboni – Overlapping Discrete Boundaries

Nell’epoca delle città diffuse, dell’iper-produzione delle immagini e dei new-media appare necessario un ragionamento sul concetto di tempo, una riflessione sull’idea di memoria che si configura sempre più chiaramente come il difficile spazio entro cui costruire emozioni e verificare nessi e ipotesi sulle differenti strategie relazionali.

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Stanza’s Sensities

Sensity is an art project by the British artist Stanza, whose research is smartly located at the intersection of urban space, new media and surveillance.

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Donato Maniello Liquidscape

Le fotografie che ospitiamo appartengono al progetto Liquidscape.

Il progetto indaga il cambiamento di alcune città europee (Milano, Basilea, Londra, Zurigo e Napoli) attraverso la rappresentazione dei soggetti che vivono lo scenario urbano, colti nell’attimo della foto, ma restituiti nel movimento, nella scia dell’attimo che è già passato.

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Guest Artist – Staffan Schmidt

Modernity Retired: Chicago five

Staffan Schmidt is an artistic researcher with a PhD in fine art. He lives in Malmo, Sweden and works at Malmo university. Here, we present his work in progress called Modernity retired (2009-), for which Staffan has been interviewing a series of elderly architects in different locations around the world on the topic of modern modern life forms. Staffan has also been involved, with Mike Bode, in the project Spatial Expectation http://www.valand.gu.se/spatial_expectations/se/index.html (2001-2006), whose aim was to examine visually and theoretically the built environment and its implications as a social space. As an artist, Staffan has recently participated in the exhibition Land Use Poetics (2009): http://www.adk.lu.se/en/index.php?id=131.

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Guest artist – Suzie Wong

Suzie Wong è un collettivo artistico fondato nel 1997 da Giusi Campisi e Flavia Belleri.



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Guest Artist – Marta Traquino

01_Inside of the Air_Marta Traquino

Inside of the Air (Space 3 and Space 4), 2004.

Lambda print on alucolic 1/3 (each), 100 x 100 cm/100 x 115 cm. From a set of five lambda prints on alucolic which is fragment of the installation Inside of the Air, Museu Nacional de História Natural, Lisbon, 2004.

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